Growing food, farmers and communities with The Farm

The Green Hub

A piglet squeals eager for its morning feed from mother. The chickens scratch beneath the grass in search of bugs our eyes cannot see. A farmer tends to her crop dotted with fresh morning dew. Children gather beneath the macadamia trees foraging for fallen nuts and cracking them open in delight.

It’s a romantic image of a village long forgotten and yet being revived at The Farm. There is something so instinctual about our human need to be connected with the land and our food, it’s a wonder how we became so divorced from this concept in the first place. To have a communal space where we can gather over good food, knowing precisely how it was grown and raised. The sheer pleasure of seeing children free ranging and enjoying the animals, the gardens and the green spaces is enough to make many ponder, where did we go wrong?

What started as a collective of individuals drawn together by a united cause, The Farm has evolved into a paddock to plate food revolution with a clear message.