The Farm is home to three types of livestock – Poultry, Pigs and Beef Cattle. They serve to supply the restaurant and produce store under our ‘farm to table’ model, as well as help to maintain and improve the health of our soil. Healthy soil means healthy plants, which in turn means better quality produce. Our animals are free to roam as much as possible, fed a natural, varied diet and treated with compassion and respect by our farmers. We welcome you to watch our animals, but please do not touch.



We currently have 400 Bond Brown chickens which are a cross between Rhode Island Red and Rhode Island White. We collect approximately 200 eggs per day depending on the sunlight. When daylight is shorter the chickens lay less eggs. Our happy hens are housed in a ‘chicken caravan’ which makes it easier to move them to any spot we like on the farm. Our chooks have the pleasure of roaming freely in paddocks of lush grass and are moved weekly to regenerate the pasture and to ensure that they have a fresh supply of grass and bugs to forage for. Their eggs are used in the kitchen and bakery, as well as sold by the dozen in the retail shop.



Our drift of English Large Black pigs reside in paddocks where they are free to run around, root and dig up the grass and wallow in mud baths. Their diet consists of different grasses and legumes, mixed grains, vegetable scraps, cracked eggs and buttermilk. They keep everyone entertained through their complex vocabulary of oinks, grunts and squeals. Our aim is to provide the restaurant with 2 pigs each week, one suitable for a spit and a larger one for pork cuts.



The Farm’s herd of beef cattle consist of Scottish Highlanders, Murray Greys, Black Angus and Herefords, and are 100% grass fed and finished. We are in the process of putting the appropriate infrastructure in place so that we can cell graze and rotate them around the property. This is the most ethical, healthy and sustainable method of raising cattle as it allows them to regularly graze on fresh pasture, which enriches the soil, sequesters carbon, increase soil fertility and regenerates new growth.


farm mascots

First there was Braveheart, then there was Silence and not long after that came Bobby. Braveheart the Scottish Highland was hand raised by The Farm team after being abandoned by his Mother and rejected by the herd. Silence, the one and only sheep on The Farm then joined the team to keep Braveheart company. The unlikely pair have been joined at the hip since. Bobby the Rooster however, is slowly becoming the king of The Farm. His unique silky feather’s and ability to razzle dazzle anyone that comes his way has given him a confidence like no other. Bobby loves to celebrate and hang out with staff. Whether it’s a wedding, lunch or Christmas party Bobby will be there entertaining all.