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Wormticklers is an organic nursery that pride themselves on growing the best quality chemical free seedlings, using permaculture principles and organic techniques. They grow seasonal herbs, vegetables, companion plants and edible flowers all in bio-degradable pots. Seedlings and other products can be purchased inside The Garden Shed.

Jordan Sly (owner and operator) received an “Australian of the Day” CBA campaign award in 2015 and makes regular appearances on “The Today Show” as their resident gardening expert. He has infectious passion for sustainable growing, education, community engagement and connection to kitchen.

Being a part of The Farm family allows a uniquely sustainable model for Wormticklers to work directly with the onsite growers and chefs, and access for visitors and locals to all their goodies grown and available right here at the farm.


opening hours

7 Days
8.00am – 4.00pm


P: 0405 585 594
E: jordan@wormticklers.com


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