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Introductory beekeeping workshop with Willow and Ally – Saturday 15 September

Introductory Beekeeping Workshop with Willow and Ally – Saturday 15 September

A comprehensive backyard beekeeping course designed to teach the basics required to keep your own honeybees. 


10am - 4pm

Throughout the course, participants will learn amongst many other things, the practical skills to effectively manage a beehive, about the biology of bees, their seasonal cycle and behaviour, the history of human interaction with bees, types of hives, and obligations as a beekeeper in your state and how to become a registered beekeeper.

Willow and Ally come together in this course, combining over 15 years of experience in bee keeping, entomology, horticulture and innovative hive design and manufacture, as well as running two successful bee groups. This workshop will be packed with all the basics required to learn how to keep your own honeybees.

The course includes a delicious lunch from Three Blue Ducks restaurant. Please let us know if you have any dietary requriments.