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1 day pastured egg farming workshop - Sunday 11 November

1 day pastured egg farming workshop – Sunday 11 November

With over 15 years of experience in sustainable farming Lee McCosker offers this one-day pastured egg farming workshop at The Farm. Lee has spent the past 8 years in the Humane Society with a focus on farm animal welfare and has spent 6 of those years heavily involved in definitions of free range eggs.

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Lee is a bold advocate for a better life for farmed animals and sustainable, profitable pasture-based production systems. Widely acclaimed as a leading expert within the industry, Lee is a trainer and assessor and has qualifications in agriculture, animal nutrition and sustainability. Lee has also conducted studies on poultry production and poultry nutrition science.

The course is held on a fully operational farm where you will get to not only learn about what is involved in becoming an egg farmer, but you will have the opportunity to see everything in action.  This will be an information packed day leading you through the legalities of becoming an egg producer, which codes and guidelines you need to follow, feeding and housing your birds, bird health and productivity, right through to collecting and packing eggs.

The course will cover

  • Legal Requirements

  • Codes of Practice

  • Food Safety

  • Licenses

  • Dealing with councils

  • Farm setup

  • Raising chicks

  • Nutrition for production

  • About the eggs

  • Keeping your hens laying

  • Pasture management

  • Pasture as a food source

  • Collecting eggs

  • Cleaning, sorting and packing eggs

  • Egg labelling

  • Marketing your eggs

  • Biosecurity

Lunch is provided so let us know if there are any special dietary requirements.
A course workbook is provided so you won’t forget a thing. Places are limited so book early!


9am to 3pm – (6hrs)

What to bring

  • Covered footwear

  • Hat

  • Sunscreen


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