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Farm Kids School Holiday Bee Workshop – October 1st

Farm Kids School Holiday Bees Workshop – October 1st

9.30am–12.30pm, ages 4 to 12 yrs

We start the workshop with an educational, hands-on and fun tour of The Farm followed by a discussion of the importance of Bees and a demonstration of how a beekeeper harvests the honey. We also taste honeycomb and cook honey pikelets and make natural beeswax candles.

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What is included?

Farm Kids tour - At the beginning of each workshop we take the children on an educational and fun tour of The Farm. We educate them about our pigs, bees, chickens, flower crops, herb garden, orchard and veggie crops. We discuss concepts like paddock rotation for the animals, pollination, organic farming, healthy soil and composting and other ethical farming practices. The children get up close and personal with our breeding chickens, restock their nesting boxes with hay and see the cute little baby chicks following their mothers.  We also explain how the chicken caravan works for our commercial chickens and discuss the importance of ethical, free range egg production. The children pick and taste veggies, edible flowers and herbs.

Discussion Focus – Bees. Pollination, honey, wax. We have a Bee talk and demonstration.  The kids taste the honey comb straight from the honey tray.

Cooking – We make honey pikelets.

Craft - We make candles out of bees wax and if time permits pet rock bees.

What to bring?

Children will need:
– Sturdy walking shoes or work boots
– Raincoat
– Sunhat
– Water Bottle and Snacks just in case what we cook is not enough.
– Backpack (to carry above)

Where to meet?

Workshops begin at 9.30am each morning. We will meet at the Barn, which is located at the back of the Restaurant. Look out for the signs to guide you.


These workshops are appropriate for all aged children. If your child is under 5 you will need to remain onsite at The Farm. If your child is under 4 he/she needs to be accompanied to the workshop by an adult Children as old as 15 have enjoyed our workshops. Checkout our Mini Farmers program if you are 7 and older and want a full day working farm experience.

Please don’t forget that if you cannot make it to our planned workshops we can tailor a workshop especially for your group. Email for more detail.