our story

“It takes a family to raise a child and The Farm is the same philosophy. This is not about us but about the collective of like-minded people all striving for the same goals. We are lucky enough to help facilitate it. Our ultimate goal is to Grow, Feed, Educate.”

- Tom Lane



The story behind The Farm starts in a backyard veggie patch. Here, a little girl sits cross-legged, her shirt pulled out to form a makeshift basket full of freshly picked green beans. She devours them, one by one, with pure joy. She grew them herself, and she can’t believe how good they taste!

When Tom and Emma Lane found their 3 year old daughter in the veggie patch that day, it sparked an idea. If they could do this for their children, why couldn’t they do it for the rest of the community? And so the seed for The Farm was planted.

Stumbling across an 80 acre former dairy farm just a stone’s throw from Byron Bay proper, the opportunity to transform the site (earmarked for housing) back to a fully functioning farm was too good to pass up. In 2013, they purchased the land and embarked on their journey to build one of the most ambitious food enterprises the Northern Rivers has ever seen.

Tom and Emma, with their backgrounds in high fashion and advertising, acknowledge the power of having a clear vision and making ideas a reality. However they were understandably a little green when it came to farming. The two quickly partnered with experienced farmers who shared their ethos and forged knowledge-sharing relationships with similar establishments in Europe and the USA to direct and inform The Farm’s transformation from idealistic concept to today’s multi-faceted operation.

Their role as visionaries continues to feed the business with new ideas and their passion for seeing it through is unbridled. Ultimately however, their shared goal is as simple as that which saw them plant out that veggie patch on their property. Plant it, nurture it until it’s ripe and healthy, and inspire a new generation to continue their legacy.