The Farm is principally a working farm, we house a collection of micro-businesses all sharing in a common goal. We invite you to come and visit us and see for yourself how a farm operates, supports the environment and contributes to a healthier lifestyle.

Our motto Grow, Feed, Educate inspires all that we do, here and for the community at large. We believe that it is first hand experience of seeing how food is grown and produced that makes the eating of it so much more pleasurable. From this simple pleasure sprouts a curiosity and desire to learn more.

We hope you enjoy your visit to The Farm and leave feeling inspired to make even the smallest change towards a healthier, more harmonious existence with our land, our animals and our communities.



Our 80 acre working farm is home to a community of growers, producers, eateries, and educators who share a passion for growing food using traditional, sustainable methods that are 100% spray and chemical free. Together, we are working towards improving the health and wellness of our community, from the ground up.



The Farm’s fields are home to heritage-breed pigs, heritage Scottish Highland cattle and chickens, all of which roam freely and are used for meat and eggs in the on-site restaurant, cafe and produce store. A short stroll will see you stumble across fields of flowers and row upon row of lush greens and vegetables, also used and sold on-site.



The Farm’s buildings service a dynamic hub of like-minded micro businesses: Three Blue Ducks Restaurant and Produce Store, The Bread Social and The Garden Shed. We also offer onsite workshops for adults and children in our spectacular spaces, which are also great for private events.


social enterprise

With environmental sustainability and nurturing the land top of mind, we decided it was only right to extend this to cover social and economic sustainability too. Since opening our doors, we have developed a number of ongoing projects ensuring the business is forever giving back to the local community. For more information on these projects visit the Give Back page.



Our philosophy is built on our motto ‘Grow, Feed, Educate’.

Grow your food, your people and your community.
Feed and nourish your physical self, your soul and the land on which you live.
Educate yourself, your family and your community so that we can all actively participate as sustainable food growers, producers and consumers.


Our intention was to build a farm for ‘the people’.

We invite you to wander around, take in your surroundings and reflect on the concept of wellness – wellness of the land, the body, the mind and the community.
We encourage you to explore the property and its various food and flower plots, meet the animals, talk to our farmers and get inspired by watching a working farm in progress.

Our mission

Our mission is to play a crucial role in improving health and wellness from the ground up.

This encompasses the condition of our land, what we grow in it, the foods we consume from it and ultimately what we then become from achieving our goals. In the process, we will create a ripple effect which can transform the wellness of ourselves and the greater community.


The following are the values of The Farm which are reflected in all we do and in every intention we have. It is also a framework to make decisions based on developments at The Farm and people we employ through to customers we serve:

  • Ethical

  • Inspirational role model

  • Collaborative team players

  • Innovative and creative

  • Growth

  • Authentic